These days it may seem difficult to organize a simple and inexpensive children’s party. But it’s not impossible! With a few tips and tricks you will be able to save a lot of money while still celebrating in style. Surely it will be a moment of great joy, to keep in the memory and family photos.

The first step of all, not to spend more money and stay with eternal debts is to think about a budget. Set the maximum amount you can invest in your child’s party – or anyone else’s party – and don’t let your expanses cross your budget. Let’s start with the most important: the place of the party. If you want to spend little then the most advisable and make the party at home even. For two reasons: The first is that you do not need to spend space with leasing, and the second is that you save on decorating. Very wide and open spaces need to receive double or even triple decoration to “fill the space”.

So, a home party can be a good way out of the low budget. And, on second thought, a reception at home is much more intimate and welcoming.

7 Simple and Cheap Birthday Party Ideas

The answer is yes and you will write down all these steps to be able to meet the stipulated budget. Beginning and clear by determining the steps to not leave anything out. The worst mistake is do not get organized!

  • Choose the date, time, and location;
  • Make a list of the guests – call, deliver or send invitations;
  • Set what will be served at the party (eat and drink);
  • Do not forget the cake;
  • Plan the fun and, if any, the souvenirs.

Now that you know the basics, how about write down these tips to make a simple, cheap, and fun kids’ party?

1. The location of the Party

This is an important part to be considered, as renting a party hall can be very expensive. Therefore, think, research and evaluate options such as: make at home, borrow the house of a relative or friend to make the party and, finally, ask for budgets from various places to buy and choose the best in cost and benefit.

2. The choice of party theme

Choosing an adaptable theme together with the child is the trick to a simple and inexpensive party. Usually the items of a specific brand such as Marvel of superheroes or Barbie of dolls are usually more expensive. However, if you adapt to themes that go beyond the obvious, you will certainly save money:

  • Do It Yourself: with some effort, you will be able to make all the decoration, for example with balloons, card boards and crepe paper.
  • Borrow: talk to the other moms you know to see if they have any decorative items that you can use at your child’s party.
  • Ask for help: friends and family can help you, not only in the decoration, but also in the organization. Think also about the abilities of each person, whether to create the posters, think about the colors, customize objects and much more.

Here are some examples:

Some themes are very easy to reproduce at home. The special tip is to think of several themes that are easy to reproduce and talk to the child. It is very important that they participate and choose what they want for their party. But remember to set limits so as not to burst your budget.

3. Eating and drinking

The traditional party snack can be a great option, especially if you already know a “handful” snack. You also have other options, such as snacks and foods like: hot dog, hamburger, pizza and popcorn, for example. It pleases children and adults and you can do it at home. Just set up a table, with all the ingredients, and people can do it, each one their own or else get everyone ready so they just serve it.

For drinks from a simple and cheap children’s party, you can choose not to include alcoholic beverages. And to replace fizzy drinks (soda), juices and flavored waters are ideal, especially if you choose a celebration during the day. It is healthy and can even help with decoration (because of the colors).

A different and tasty party:

4. Guaranteed fun

In addition to the ambient music, schedule playtime for the kids to have fun! It could be a treasure hunt or quick games. If party location is small:

  • Board games;
  • Mimicry;
  • Game with Words (Scrabble and Word Stacks).

If the venue is larger, has a patio, yard or even outdoors, you can suggest and schedule games like:

  • Ball games;
  • Treasure hunt;
  • Hide and seek.

So what did you think of these suggestions? With these tips, tricks and the budget in hand, you will certainly be able to organize a simple and cheap children’s birthday party.


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