Belated Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages With Images

Your friend’s or special one’s birthday has just passed and you have not remembered to wish him well ? Sometimes it happens that, because of the work and many other activities that we do during our day, we forget to make wishes to friends and acquaintances. Here we have is a fantastic collection of late birthday greetings with images that you can dedicate to someone dear to you, to “apologize” for having forgotten the birthday and send their good wishes in a fun way. You will see that the birthday person will have a good laugh and appreciate the gesture, thanking you with sympathy.

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes

  • You know that I have a habit of being late for the greatest and most beautiful events, and that of your birthday was no less. But you must keep in mind that I love you and from here I send you my biggest wishes a little late. May this new year be the best of your life!
  • Late greetings? I think all the social networks must have broken down yesterday, I congratulated you, if they did not reach you, it’s not my fault. Hehehe Your most forgetful friend sends you his biggest wishes and congratulations in this new stage!
  • I googled like a crazy “belated birthday wishes” and “late birthday greetings” and “sorry for the missed birthday”, but the best greeting comes from the heart when I say “I hope you had a great birthday”.
  • Better late than never, right? Hope you had a great birthday.
  • Happy late birthday I forgot it! hehe: D
  • Better late than never, Congratulations
  • You already know me, I’m always late. Congratulations late!
  • Better late than never. Excuse me I forgot your birthday: $
  • I’m sorry I forgot the most important day of the year … your birthday! 🙁belated happy birthday wishes
  • I was thinking about sending this card and … I fell asleep. Happy birthday is late
  • With great wishes for you, I am sorry to have arrived late, but the intention is what counts 😛
  • Sorry for not having your birthday. I swear this only happens to me like once a year
  • The greeting may be obsolete, but the feelings are fresh. Apologize for the delay but HB
  • You may think that this birthday wish comes a little late but you would have to think in this way: it is not 3 days later, but 362 days earlier! hehehe
  • Forgetting a birthday does not mean you forget a person. Congratulations delayed for you
  • Yes! I am the last to wish you a happy birthday! I hope your day was as special as you;)
  • I did not forget your birthday; I just wanted to help prolong the celebration. Apologize and happy birthday
  • Three roses for three days late from your birthday, three words for the meaning of a great affection: I love you! Happy Birthday.
  • Sorry, but I had many commitments and I forgot your birthday. Can you reschedule for the next month?
  • Late for this year, but in advance for next year. Happy birthday.
  • The birthday of a special person like you can not be forgotten … but I did it! I send you my wishes.
  • You forgot about my birthday. But I took my revenge and I forgot yours. Belated wishes.
  • The bad news is that I forgot to send your greeting card in time. The good news is that I forgot your age! I hope you have a happy birthday!
  • Do not hate me for forgetting your birthday. Hate me because I’m incredibly attractive. I hope it was really special!
  • I know it’s a damage but I wish you happy birthday even late!
  • Yesterday’s day will not have been the best but neither could it have been the least … after all it was your birthday! It ‘true that I was not there but I pretended to forget it for not making you feel so old! Best wishes!
  • The best way to remember someone’s birthday is to forget it at least once. Best wishes from a latecomer.
  • I entrusted my wishes for you to a turtle … sorry for the delay !!! Happy Belated Birthday !!!happy belated birthday images
  • Years pass when people remember your birthday and wish you happy birthday. So, we who forgot, we did you a favor! Happy birthday.
  • Time flies … Sorry, I forgot such a special day. Even if late, happy birthday!
  • To show you how sorry I am to have forgotten your birthday, next year I will forget mine. Even if late, happy birthday!

These were the new and funny belated birthday wishes!