Are you planning the party for your child and are you looking for simple birthday party games? Here are some undemanding and low-cost ideas for children to entertain. We have listed top 15 most popular birthday game ideas for children of age 4 to 12 years to organize at a birthday party at home and outdoor. Organizing a fairly long game will allow you to occupy children for most of the afternoon, so everyone will be happy and pleased all the children, because they will have an excellent memory of the hours spent at your home.

Top 15 Birthday Games For Kids

  1. Musical quiz:- The musical quiz is a game to make children guess the titles of musical pieces.
  2. Apple bobbing:- The game of apples in the water is a must, especially if you organize a birthday in a hot summer. Children will have to use their teeth to remove apples from the bottom of a basin filled with water.
  3. The assassin’s game:- The assassin has struck again tonight! Will the inspector find him? A very funny role play to organize at a birthday.
  4. Pinata:- The game of Pinata is one of the star activities of children’s birthday games.
  5. Bag race:- The Sack Run promises you a great moment of fun if you want to use it as an entertainment for a birthday party.
  6. Treasure hunt:- For several years now, treasure hunting has been children’s favorite birthday game. A treasure hunt is an activity that however demands a lot of preparation to be successful. But it is worth it, because it is a unique experience…
  7. Police investigation:- A police investigation is a classic animated game to organize on a birthday with children playing the role of little detectives.
  8. Duel in colors:- Here is a little game easy to set up on a birthday when the children are bored a little.
  9. Turn everything upside down:- The game of the all mess (also sometimes called the game of massacre) is more of a fair game, but nothing prevents you from turning it into a birthday game. In this skill game, children must try to drop empty soda cans or cans stacked on a table with tennis balls.
  10. Racing:- Here are several racing games to organize at a birthday. And as in the race of hare and turtle or the 100 meters of the Olympic Games, the goal of the game is to arrive first.
  11. Newspaper deliverymen:- The newspaper delivery game is an original racing game where children can only progress by walking on newspaper sheets.
  12. Dog and the bone game:- The game of the bone is a clash between two teams fighting over the same object, often represented by a bone, hence the name of the game.
  13. Tug of war:- Who does not know the game of tug of war? It’s a good idea to play for a birthday.
  14. The little singers:- Small game to easily organize at a birthday party. Blindfolded, the children will have to find their partner by singing a common song.
  15. Jug racing:-The running jug game is an ideal water game for a birthday in the middle of summer. With a sponge, the children must take turns trying to fill their container with water before the other team.

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