Are you looking for a birthday present for her? Finally you are in the right place! Here we are true experts in the field of gifts: trust us, our proposals have the power to leave everyone speechless! From birthday presents for friends to birthday presents for mothers, we don’t forget either sisters or girlfriends: we have a vast ideas of gifts for women of all kinds. Our birthday gifts for her are perfect both for women who feel like princesses and for women adventurers with pirate-style looks. In short, when it comes to women’s birthday gifts, on there really is something for everyone. In this list you will find 10 ideas for making a nice birthday present for your girl or daughter. So if you don’t know what to look for, below you will find the best tips and ideas for 2019 among those currently on the market.

Sweatshirt with the word “Princess”

A sweatshirt with the word “Princess” that uses Walt Disney characters. Made with a cotton blend, it is very soft and comfortable, with an adjustable sleeve based on the length of the arms. There are four sizes to choose from and therefore fits all body types.

A nice birthday present, maybe to wear that day and celebrate with friends and family. Excellent quality / price ratio, so if you want to spend little and look for original gifts, it could be the right solution for you.

What we liked

We like it for the choice of design that is perfectly suited to the celebrations of a birthday or an important anniversary.

TOOBUR  Smart Band

This is an ideal digital watch for those who enjoy sports. Characterized by a very feminine design, it features 14 different functions, among which you will find cycling, mountaineering, yoga, soccer, tennis, dance and much more. A versatile and multi-functional product, able to adapt to the type of sporting activity, since it measures speed, heart rate and calories burned.

There is also a sleep monitoring feature and you can make and receive calls and messages. It is a nice device, easy to use and equipped with an energy-saving OLED screen. An original birthday present for your sporting girlfriend or daughter.

What we liked

An ideal gift for those who love personalized gifts, which seem to be created specifically for the recipient. So if the girl is passionate about sports, this object will certainly be appreciated.

Start Makers  Make Up Brushes

A set of makeup brushes of different shapes and sizes characterized by a refined and elegant look. Their bristles are made of fiber and therefore they are easy to clean and very soft, furthermore, they allow the makeup to be applied evenly and without leaving stains or lint.

Ideal for making any type of make-up, in fact you will find the blush brush, eye shadow brushes and others to apply concealer and foundation. The pack contains 32 pieces in total. The set is sold inside a roll-up clutch to insert the brushes in an orderly way.

What we liked

Among the economic gifts we have decided to include this set for the number of accessories supplied and for the very refined container that completes the product. Great price and good quality.

Bomb Cosmetics Vintage Velvet

A set of bath bombs and soap characterized by the irresistible look that distinguishes all Bomb Cosmetics products, completely natural and handmade, even the packaging. Each of the bath bombs is characterized by a natural essences for the complete benefit of the body: from shea butter to dog rose, lavender, geranium, patchouli and much more.

The aesthetic is really well taken care of, so if the girl loves these products, the set will be a nice discovery. An original idea to make a gift for any occasion.

What we liked

A completely handmade product, from the preparation of bath bombs to packaging. We value commitment and aesthetic taste, which is why we have included it in our ranking.

Apple iPad MP2G2TY / A

If the girl is a fan of the Apple brand, she will certainly appreciate this iPad. This is the second generation model, easy to use and suitable for everyone, beginners and experts. The 9.7-inch screen resolution is 2.048 × 1.536 pixels with a density of 264 ppi, features that are adequate for any activity, from browsing to writing texts, all without facing the view.

This model has a 32 GB memory, so it’s adequate to store a lot of files and data. The screen, as mentioned, is 9.7 inches and fits well into the shell of the tablet that is elegant and weighing less than 500 grams, so ideal for transport and use on vacation or on the road. A nice product in short, characterized by a considerable price, so it could be a nice gift to celebrate a special anniversary.

What we liked

Designed to satisfy the desire for technology but also to have an aesthetically pleasing and very versatile object, both for multimedia and business use.

Plush Slippers

A pair of unicorn-shaped slippers, really very pretty and destined for the fans of this famous mythological animal, back in vogue in recent times. Very soft and characterized by wings and horn that identify this fantasy being, they are cheerful and very comfortable, especially suitable during the winter season to keep your feet in the cold.

A nice present to do at birthday, which is cheap and certainly amazes and amuses those who receive it.

What we liked

We like the look of these slippers that look like a white unicorn. Moreover, they are really very soft to the touch, comfortable and keep your feet warm.

ElecStars ES-803-Blue

A waterproof bluetooth speaker to wear under the shower or while bathing, to never remain without your favorite music or to talk on the phone with friends. The base with suction cup allows it to be fixed to the surface or to the tiles, even vertically, and has a range of 10 meters.

It works in a very simple way and is easily connect to a tablet, smartphone or computer, so it is always ready for use. The design recalls the shape of a blue flower, and the sound quality is more than satisfactory, even during calls.

What we liked

A speaker well cared for from an aesthetic and functional point of view, ideal for any environment and waterproof. All at an affordable price that still makes it interesting.

Songmics JBC121B

A jewelry case characterized by a well-groomed aesthetic, with leatherette upholstery and velvety interior, and above all with plenty of space to insert earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. A very solid structure to allow a long life and finishes with attention to detail.

The Songmics model is composed of multi-compartment drawers with interiors designed to allow the insertion of many different jewels. There is also a small mirror to compare the different worn jewels and a small casket with three compartments to give even more space.

A multi-purpose product, elegant and very practical, which takes up little space and can be securely closed with a small lock.

What we liked

A well-designed product with compact shapes that turns into a very spacious, practical and comfortable jewelry box.

Lauhonmin AB018

A bracelet with a pendant that reads “You’re braver than you believe Stronger than you seem than you think”. It is therefore suitable for encouraging and celebrating, ideal for giving gifts for fellowship or for school promotion.

The famous phrase is that of Winnie the Pooh, who always gives a smile when read. The bracelet is adjustable and in silver, a gift that conveys a lot of positive energy to the wearer.

What we liked

An important quote for someone we consider special. A nice idea to celebrate a friend and give her so much strength and courage.


A silver necklace with the pendant of the tree of life that symbolizes peace and family, energy and health. A symbol of lucky and protected life, a significant talisman and an ideal gift for girls. Small Swarovski crystals surround it and the presence of mother-of-pearl gives it an elegant and very refined touch.

The packaging is well cared for in detail and its features make it a beautiful jewel, characterized by a competitive quality / price ratio.

What we liked

A necklace with attention to detail, well made and composed of precious stones. Excellent price that makes it accessible to all budgets.

Silver Bracelet with a Delightful Heart

Among the jewels to give her, the silver bracelet is a great classic! The bracelet is an accessory that you can easily wear every day, whatever the look, it never goes out of style. This is why many women love having several in the jewelry box: the most casual will be for every day, the most elegant and refined will be for special occasions.

A girl can be given both a “light” (but no less valuable!) Style bracelet and a more classic style bracelet in anticipation of the events that await her in life.

What we liked

A bridal style bracelet, with a delightful heart as an ornament. As an alternative to the heart you can customize it with a letter of your choice; you can also make different finishes.


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