If you are looking for what to give to your mom on her birthday, here you will find the good ideas. We have top 10 gifts ideas for the mother that will surely make her happy. After all, let’s face it, even just to put up with a nice present for mom is the least we can do. Because we are sure that the mother deserves a special gift every day, and not just to celebrate her birthday.

Surprising the mother with an original birthday present can be a complicated task, especially when the budget is very tight. So we thought of selecting ten items to help you with this search. Take notes because you may find valuable ideas for the most suitable Christmas gift for your mother as well.

Wikipedia Board Game

A game for mom? Why not, especially if it is a knowledge game made by the most famous online encyclopedia, namely Wikipedia.

With as many as 900 questions and three different game modes (trivia, disambiguation, ranking of the pages) after dinner you can spend time around the table with friends and family.

As you can easily imagine, the questions test the general knowledge in the most disparate fields: history, art, geography, science … there are over 300 topics, there is space for everyone. The pack includes everything you need to start playing: you will find the markers, erasable boards, hourglass and tokens.

What we liked

For those who like to get involved and compare knowledge, but also to spend some time together. Since there are different types of questions, the development is always different and not boring. We also like the fact that it is ready to use, with all the accessories supplied.

Pioneer Headphones with Microphone SE-CL501T-K

Pioneer earphones may be suitable for those looking for satisfying and affordable gifts.

This product is able to give good sound quality but also adequate isolation from the outside.

In the package you will find three interchangeable caps that differ in size, so each ear will find its comfort.

They are compatible with both iOS and Android and BlackBerry. There is also a microphone that has been cleverly positioned at the neck, so to answer phone calls you don’t have to disconnect the jack, a very interesting feature especially for joggers. Near the microphone there is also the key to answer or to control the playlist.

What we liked

A young gift, for the mother who loves to listen to music whenever she has the chance. Since, as mentioned, isolates satisfactorily from outside noise it is also very useful for making telephone conversations in total privacy.

Huawei Mediapad T1 Tablet

The Huawei Mediapad could be a good gift idea for those who want to spend something more, but without arriving at dizzying figures.

Because it has a microSim card slot it can work like a smartphone, giving you the ability to use applications like WhatsApp. In addition, the navigation is also optimal, thanks to the 3G connection and dual Wi-Fi support.

The Rom memory is only 8 GB but can be expanded up to 32 GB. According to the reviews, the camera does not give much satisfaction (so you should not rely on it if you want to take pictures for your children’s gatherings or other important events) but the Mediapad is forgiven with the IPS Oncell screen, because it ensures sharpness and realistic colors.

What we liked

We like its design, very nice, so thin that you can carry it in your bag without taking up too much space. The battery can last up to 8 hours of navigation and 12 of video production, while with the device in stand-by it reaches 300 hours. Another positive aspect is the possibility of using it as a cell phone.

Ariete 189 Donuts & Cookies

Not everyone likes to cook or prepare desserts, but if the mother enjoys making sweets at home, this Ariete donut machine can be a great gift for the whole family.

It allows you to prepare up to seven small donuts in a few minutes (with a diameter of about 5 cm). The plates are non-stick, therefore easy to clean and do not require the addition of additional fats, such as butter.

It is very compact, so it will find its space in the kitchen, it can also be stored vertically. In addition to donuts it is also possible to bake biscuits, a good solution for when you don’t want to turn on the oven.

What we liked

Ok, it’s a gift for Mum’s birthday but nothing prevents the rest of the family from using the machine and preparing breakfast (this would be a real gift!). In addition to the recipes proposed by Ariete, you can experiment with personal ones.

Nike Wmns Free 5.0 – Sport Shoes

Sports shoes that can be used in the gym, as well as for leisure time. Race lovers will find in these shoes good cushioning, adherence to the ground and support, but also a sole that adequately accompanies the foot during walks because it is flexible.

Because of their versatility, they can also be worn simply by those who prefer to move on foot and not by car.

These Nike running shoes, a leading brand in the clothing industry, are available in different color combinations, so you can choose the ones that best suit your mom’s look. Of course, we don’t talk about the cheapest shoes but they are durable enough to be repaid over time.

What we liked

A quality gift for those who like to keep fit, but that is also useful in everyday life. We also think of those who love to travel and grind kilometers by visiting new places. Thanks to the vast availability of colors and sizes, you could also give them to Dad, an excellent idea for the parents’ anniversary.

Klarstein Vinovista Picollo • Fridge for wine

For those looking for ideas for original and personalized gifts, this wine cooler could be suitable for the mother who loves good wine, who can’t stand to see those bottles (maybe even fine ones) arranged as they are better in makeshift places.

The design of this display case is refined and able to give a touch of elegance to any environment.

The front is made of glass, turning on the lighting you can see which bottles are available, without having to open the door. On the front there is the control panel, just touch the keys to set the temperature you prefer (from 10 ° C to 18 ° C), perhaps based on the stored wines. The shelves are four and removable, each can accommodate three 0.75 cl bottles.

What we liked

It is an elegant object for lovers of beauty and, therefore, also of good wine.

It gives the possibility to turn on and off the light through external buttons, and the visible display allows you to easily monitor the temperature. Moreover, its consumption is not exorbitant, because it belongs to energy class A.

Homedics SBM-600H-EU Massager

After a day of work, or spending time in the car, in addition to a hug, what could be better than a good massage? So why not give an accessory to relax her muscles.

This model has several functions, for example it allows you to concentrate the massage on a specific area, based on your needs. For example, the shoulders and back can be treated separately or together. In addition to the massage, you can integrate vibration or heat for maximum comfort. It is suitable for practically any height, because the rollers can be raised and lowered to suit any body size.

What we liked

It benefit the back and shoulders, thus revealing a 2 in 1 massager. Even the type of massage can be set based on your needs: vibrations, rolling for a more delicate treatment and shiatsu for the more energetic type. Also, if you want, you can also have warmth that further relaxes your muscles. Believe us, it could be the most appreciated gift of 2019.

Philips HP8663/00 EssentialCare Ionic Airstyler

Philips Essential Care AirStyler makes it easy to dry and style your hair at the same time.
With Thermo Protect technology you have temperature control; the final result will see a luminous and non-frizzy hair, due to negative ions.

As with a normal hair dryer, you can choose between three heat and speed settings.

In the package you will find four accessories to have different styling: the 38 mm thermal brush, the classic nozzle for the targeted air flow, the curling brush and the smoothing one. To change the accessories, simply press the button on the body, unscrew and insert the new extension.

What we liked

Tired of waiting for the bathroom to become free, when the mother is shampooing? Try giving her this solution for her birthday, which will also make her life easier. In addition to versatility, we appreciated the technologies used and the 800 Watts of power. Moreover, it gives the possibility to change the fold as many times as you want: one curly day, the other smooth.

Philips HR1869 / 80 Centrifuge

With the centrifuge we can consume fruit and vegetables in a more fun way. A gift that will appreciate those who have their own vegetable garden or prefer to buy only organic vegetables, which they can now use to produce their own juices.

With this model it is possible to prepare up to 2.5 liters of juice at a time.

We can appreciate its 900 Watts, the double speed to set based on the consistency of the ingredients and also the XXL tube which gives the possibility of not pre-cutting, saving a lot of time. In the pack you will also find the recipe book to prepare the first juices and take some ideas.

What we liked

Being able to obtain up to 2.5 litres of juice is no small thing, especially for larger families. Cleaning is greatly simplified by the design, as there are no corners where the food can hide. We also like the idea of not spending too much time cutting fruit and vegetables into small pieces.

Pioneer PL-990 Stereo Turntable

Does Mom miss the music of her time and the old records she kept with care? Then for the birthday you could give her a stereo turntable. We suggest this Pioneer model because it offers good performances, especially when compared with other models in the same price category.

Each operation is automated, so it’s easy to use. All you have to do is place the disc, choose the speed and point the head. Playback will start automatically and the needle will return to its place as soon as the disc ends. There is an RCA output to connect it to the stereo system.

What we liked

The only concern of an automatic turntable is to choose the record and place it on the platter, it will take care of the rest (as long as you don’t want to select a specific track). It’s good value for money, the materials are solid and the RCA output is not to be underestimated either.


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