What’s the best birthday present for the person you love? In our opinion, a special surprise, an unexpected gesture that knows how to excite. If you can turn a normal birthday into a romantic event, he or she will never forget it. Every birthday has a special story to tell, whether it’s 18, 30 or 40 years old. The ingredients to find the right idea? Think of something personal, that is, something cut out for him or her. How? Think of him (or her) and write down on a sheet of paper the things he likes, his passions, his special characteristics, his gifts, in short, everything that can help you to guide the choice of surprise.

So think if he (or she) would prefer a dinner, a night out or an adventure. There are many ideas to amaze him, but the type of event depends on the character of the celebrated. If your he (or your she), for example, is a slipper type and habitual, avoid giving him a paragliding descent.

10 Ideas for Organizing a Memorable Birthday

Let’s list some creative ideas that you can achieve by organizing yourself in time. The last advice, in fact, is: start thinking about it a month earlier. Some very simple ideas won’t need any particular preparation, but others, more complicated, will certainly need time for preparation.

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

A balloon ride is a unique experience. Really. You are floating in the air in absolute silence, a feeling of peace and serenity that I had never felt before. It feels a romantic atmosphere, I would say even magic … it is something that remains, forever.

Plus, you can have fun too, landing is a pleasure!

They also organize balloon rides for couples, with drinks and sparkling wine at high altitude.

If you want to surprise your partner, well, this is one of the most beautiful and pleasant surprises you could do.

2. Dinner at Home, Surprise!

The secret to making this surprise really exciting is to turn a corner of the house into a private mini-restaurant. How? Move a coffee table (also from a balcony) to an unusual corner of the house: the bedroom, the study, the living room. Then set the table for two paying attention to detail: candles, flowers and romantic lights will suit you. At this point, think about the dinner: if it’s in your way, prepare it yourself, choosing special dishes, otherwise call a chef at home. In this case, the surprise will be even more spectacular.

When everything is ready, make your he ( or she ) believe that you have booked in a restaurant, then pretend that you have forgotten something important at home and let yourself be followed in the room of the surprise, where many wonderful candles will be lit.

3. Nostalgic Tour

We all have childhood memories that we keep with particular nostalgia. Some are linked to special places: an old school, a house, maybe a beach in a seaside resort. The idea is this: organize for your partner a tour in his childhood places, perhaps adding the surprise of an old friend to surprise again after so many years.

4. Car Ride with Visit to the Wine Restaurants

If he / she loves good wine, as often happens, the right gift is this: a nice ride with a driver through the best Wine Restaurants. There are several restaurants, for this kind of experience, that allow you to relax together with the birthday boy or the birthday girl, between drinks and food with a special arrangements.

5. A Night in a Unique Place

Sleeping in a tree house between heaven and earth, in a love nest placed in the branches of a centuries-old plant at 5 meters high is a dream come true. Close the door and forget about the worries of everyday life. A stay of absolute romanticism, perfect also for a love escape.

6. A Real Letter and a Year of Letters

The letter in its original form is now extinct, surpassed by the email, but you have to admit that its arrival in the mailbox was a magical moment: it arrived like a miracle and open it was a little joy. To rediscover the taste of that moment, you could send a real letter to your loved one, perhaps with an important statement inside.

If you have a lot of patience and determination, you can think of writing a letter for each day of the year, to be opened obviously one at a time. It’s a definitely hard-working gift, but it’s very, very romantic.

7. Sticky Notes in Unexpected Places

A “light” version of the letters for a year, is the idea of scattering the house with love cards, sentences and thoughts written by you, obviously to be hidden in unexpected places: in the umbrella stand outside the door, in the sugar bowl, among the nails of the toolbox, etc.. If you want to spur the birthday boy or the girl to look for them all, tell them they will have as many kisses as they can find.

8. Look at the Stars

For a very romantic experience, take him or her to look at the stars in a secluded place where there are not many artificial lights, like in the mountains, on the beach, in the countryside, at the park at night … Lie on a blanket and admire one of the most romantic landscapes that exist in the world. Wonderful.

9. Chocolates with Diy Dedication!

Of course, the Baci Perugina are famous all over the world, but the special kisses you can create have a special taste. Buy some good chocolates, possibly in bulk, then buy a sheet of white tissue paper and cut many strips. Finally write on each of them a message of love, possibly personal, to wrap around the sweets. Close the chocolates with aluminum foil or use other candy paper. It will be a very sweet surprise.

10. A Film Never Shown in Theaters!

Another romantic idea for a guaranteed emotion. Take the case of an old DVD movie, choose it among the titles he (she) likes best and replace the DVD inside with your own, specially developed. How? If you could get help from a shop that offers digital photography services, you could print the movie poster on a blank CD and put inside a video edited by a professional with the most beautiful photos, or videos in your history, accompanied by music. It will be a real leap to the heart.


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