A birthday party at the park or in the backyard – if well organized – can be a truly memorable and original party. For children, who can have fun in freedom, and also for parents who can relax in the countryside and enjoy a beautiful day. Let’s see how to best organize outdoor birthday party for children in 10 points.

1. Choose the right space

What is the right space for an outdoor birthday party? It depends on the kind of party you have in mind. If you have the desire and time to organize a little games first and maybe a treasure hunt, the home garden is fine, even if it’s not very big. If you prefer a birthday party at the “unstructured” park where children play freely, then choose a park with a play area and maybe a suitable area for a football match.

Attention also to the aspect of child safety. If you opt for the public park, choose one that the children already know (so they will already know where they can and can’t go). Put the table with the snack in a strategic position, so that parents can easily have the children “within sight” while being able to have a chat at the same time. If it is the home garden, secure the thorny plants, remove dangerous objects such as stairs, garden tools or fertilizers, and ensure that access to the road or other potentially dangerous spaces is controlled.

2. How to set up the space

A successful party also depends on the setting. Guests must be welcomed in a special way, which makes them instantly happy. For a birthday party at the park, bunches of balloons and festoons tied to trees will create the right atmosphere and give the children a point of reference if they get too far away. In addition to creating a “private” space for your guests.

In addition to the table where you will place the food, bring some folding chairs or even deckchairs for parents who like to be comfortable. But above all, spread some colorful cloth on the ground, perhaps with cushions, to create a relaxed outdoor party atmosphere and also for children to play. But the setting does not end here. For a successful birthday party at the park, you need a pair of large baskets or old colored pillowcases to create the corners of the game.

3. Prepare the angles of the game

The beauty of the birthday party at the park is that – unlike those indoors – children don’t have to be entertained at all costs with entertainers, magicians, group dances. Outdoors, children can also simply be left free to play. The party can be thought of this way: an afternoon to spend together in the open air, everyone playing at what they want, from the ball to the swing.

To make the party a bit special, however, you can provide guests with many different games. In a basket, or in some old colored pillowcases, put balloons, jump ropes, Frisbee, rackets. You can bring your child’s games (if he agrees to lend them to friends), buy some cheap games for the occasion, or ask the guests to bring their favorite game.

For the very young kids, you can organize sheets on the grass with different activities: buildings, sheets of cardboard (more resistant than sheets of paper) and colors, salt dough, small pots, toy cars. If they are older children, you can set up a net to play volleyball, fix a basket and dart board to a tree, bring the Twister or other games you can play on the lawn. For more ideas, look at this list of birthday games.

4. Welcome gifts

Another simple way to immediately create the atmosphere of the party is to welcome each guest with a small gift. Instead of the candy bag at the time of leaving, for the birthday party at the park you can give the children a soap bubble pack on arrival, or a small frisbee or boomerang. A quick way to start the fun right away.

5. Games for a birthday party in the garden

If you want to make the day a little bit special, and a little more enjoyable, you can add prizes in the free play of organized games, perhaps with small prizes for everyone. Here are some ideas for games that are also suitable for a home garden not too big.

  • Attach the clothespin. A very fun team game, suitable for children aged three and up. You’ll need lots of colorful plastic clips. A child remains still while his teammates have to run to collect a clothespin at a time (you will have placed them a little away, so the children will have to run back and forth) and return to stick it on the child’s clothes. Put the clothes pegs as far as possible, or decide that the kids have to move around on one foot, to make the game more fun and make it last longer. The team that attached the most pegs wins.
  • Capture the flag: A great classic of outdoor games, always fun to play.
  • Two games with music, perfect for a birthday party in the garden. The Musical Plates is the equivalent of musical chairs , but in the garden version, made with paper plates and then the Limbo. Remember to provide a small reward for those who are eliminated so as to avoid crying children. Limbo can be played without elimination.

6. Games for a birthday party at the park

If the party is in the park you will have much more space available. Here are some games suitable for going wild and running. Maybe even involving parents.

  • Potato race: to do in a team: you have to run holding a spoon with a small potato in it. Once at the destination, leave the potato and return to the starting point to give the spoon to the teammate. If the potato falls you have to go back and start again. The team that brings more potatoes to the goal wins.
  • Travel in bags: Another great outdoor party classic. You can ask the children, in the invitation, to bring an old pillow covers, or use fairly large garbage bags.
  • Battle of balloons: You will need lots of balloons (you can use the stand-up balloons, if you have attached them with a piece of wool that comes off easily) or colored kitchen sponges. With a ribbon on the ground you divide the playing field into two parts, each team has in its playing area an equal number of balloons. At the start, each team will try to send as many balloons as possible to the other side. After a few minutes of “battle” with the balloons flying from one side of the field to the other, the team with the least balloons in its part of the field wins.
  • Tug of war: fun and also suitable for involving parents.

7. How to organize a treasure hunt

The treasure hunt is very popular with children of all ages, and it is good for a party at the park. And it doesn’t take so much to prepare it. For the treasure, take a colored box and fill it with sweets and small gifts. We recommend a collaborative treasure hunt, where in the end they all win because they are played in a single team or in two teams but with two treasures.

Provide for at least five tasks to be completed, preferably a different type, so all children can participate with their different abilities. You can prepare riddles, or think about different challenges. Here are some examples:

  • each child must repeat the same tongue twister correctly;
  • each child must make a path by hopping on one foot;
  • the team must find two animals with the b and two animals with the c;
  • every child has to do a somersault;
  • the team must find two equal long twigs, a stone that looks like a dog, a yellow flower and a purple flower;
  • a child must mimic the written word on the ticket and the other team members must guess.

Each time the tasks is completed, the team gets the ticket for the next test. After the last test, a riddle reveals the position of the treasure.

8. Three special ideas for the birthday party at the park

Group games, treasure hunts and outdoor games are all it takes for a beautiful birthday party at the park. But if you want to organize something more, here are some “special” ideas.

Water games. If it is very hot, and advising parents to bring a change first, you could organize water games: fight with sprays, battle of water balloons, small inflatable pools in the garden. It will be an unforgettable party!

Balloons – kites will make their nose stand up above all the little ones and will remain in their memory. It is enough to tie long balloons of colored paper to the balloons (those inflated with helium) and then let them twirl in the sky and let the children try too.

The candy hunt will keep children of all ages busy. Hide lots of candies or small gifts in the bushes or on the lawn. Then give each child a bag and let’s go … everyone to collect as much candy as possible.

9. What to bring, for safety …

An afternoon in the open air, playing and going wild with friends, is a beautiful way to celebrate your birthday. Make sure, however, that you bring everything you need to deal with minor inconveniences. For example:

  • anti mosquito repellent;
  • much water;
  • first aid kit: bandage and disinfectant for small scratches;
  • wet wipes and disinfectant gel for hands dirty with earth;
  • sunscreen.

10. Attention to the buffet

Last point: what do you eat at a birthday party at the park? It is better to avoid creams, mayonnaise, and anything that could easily spoil with heat. Pizzas, biscuits, ciambellone, savory pies are good. Even for the cake, if you can’t pick it up at the last moment, better choose a tart, or think of something original. For example, a muffin composition instead of the traditional cake.

Organizing a birthday party in the park or in the garden takes a little time and good planning. If you have a babysitter, get advice on the choice of games. A good babysitter knows how to entertain children, and which games work best. If it’s big enough, involve the birthday boy in the organization, too, to decide on games, prizes, little reactions. So, even the preparation of the party becomes an opportunity to feel close.


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