Once a year, each of us celebrates their birthday! It is worth having a small party to spend with the people who are closest to us. How to make a nice birthday party to provide our guests with great fun? What counts here first and foremost is the idea for a birthday party and a good atmosphere, as well as birthday decorations, delicious snacks, appropriate drinks and a must-have cake!

Whenever the time of my birth date is approaching, I think how I could organize it this time And I do not mean a big party with dancing till dawn! All you need is a small party for those closest to whom you want to spend this day. Sometimes it is ordinary coffee and cake, sometimes a birthday party in my house, and when the weather permits it – a barbecue on a plot or an outdoor picnic. Appropriate snacks, colorful cocktails and imaginative birthday decorations make every guest feel really good!

1. Birthday Party – Date and Guest List

If you plan to do a party for your birthday, see what day of the week it is falling on. If it’s a week days date, think about whether it’s better to leave them a few days later (or earlier) at the weekend? The most optimal day is Saturday – most people are not going to work this day and they do not run out of time – they will be able to sleep off the party on Sunday. However, if you are betting on a Friday – do not organize the party at too early, so that guests will be able to safely return home after work to prepare. On the other hand, on Sunday, you can organize an afternoon picnic or an outdoor grill so that no one would have to return home late.

There should not be missing colorful paper napkins on a birthday table!

The guest list is your individual case! The number of people invited depends on the budget of the party and your options. If you live in a block of flats and expect a large group, maybe it will be better to warn your neighbors? I always put on the closest to my heart a group of people with whom I am playing best. Remember to inform the guests about the planned reception in good time – they will “finish” before deadline!

2. Birthday Decorations – Birthday balloons, napkins, lanterns and more

And who said that birthday decorations are only for small children? Adults’ jubilees can also decorate the room with colorful balloons! All decorations should be chosen in one style – they can be shimmering in the style of “glamour”, kept in pastels colors and in Provencal climate, or flowery and joyful (this style will look good in the warmer months).

colourful balloons paper and napkins

Make sure your table looks good. Spread out the aesthetic tablecloth on it and choose paper napkins for it. On the table, you can also put a colored tread, which not only protects the tablecloth from stains, but it will also decorate the table. To the whole, choose patterned napkins , which are also useful for wiping hands and mouth after a meal. On the table you can set fresh flowers, and if you organize a party in the garden – hang or set the lanterns.

3. Snacks for a Birthday Party

A good party is also depend upon how properly you arrange your birthday menu! Instead of a three-course dinner, it’s better to prepare several types of snacks. There will be people with different tastes at the party, which is why the menu should be varied. It is worth to find both dry and sweet starters in it. Healthy and light, and a little more calorific.

Porcelain bowls will be perfect for birthday snacks.

This type of party is best served with finger food snacks – literally ones that you can grab with your fingers and eat quickly. Small enough that you can try everything and snack them anytime. You can prepare fruit, vegetable or multi-ingredient plugs. Take a look at the different food sticks and serve them on a platter. You can use cheese boards to feed finger food. Serve not only cheese! But also cold meats, grapes, pieces of pear or apples.

On the platter, in salad bowls and bowls, you can give your guests healthy and light snacks, such as vegetable salads, home-made chips, mini-sandwiches or tomato salsa. More ideas and inspiring recipes for fit snacks can be found here: Fast and healthy snacks for a birthday party.

4. Birthday Drinks – Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic

At the birthday party for adults should be found both ordinary drinks – water and juice, as well as alcoholic! You can turn ordinary water into a refreshing lemonade. All you have to do is squeeze the juice of lemon and lime, drop into the water a few citrus slices for decoration and a few leaves of fresh mint to taste. Do not forget about ice cubes too! Serve lemonade in a large jar with a tap so that each guest can pour it into a glass. You can also prepare freshly squeezed juices and fruit cocktails. Serve them in fashionable jars with ear and straw!

Alcoholic beverages are also a sea of possibilities! Treat your guests with a glass of good champagne whenever the opportunity arises, for example by blowing out candles and cutting the cake. Remember to pour it into dedicated champagne glasses. If your guests are a fan of wine, make sure you also serve it in the right wine glasses. You can surprise everyone with colourful drinks! Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada, Cuba Libre, Mojito or Bloody Mary – prepare them with a shaker and serve them in a suitable glass for alcohol.

5. Main Dishes for the Birthday: Cake!

A cake is an inseparable birthday, so you should never miss it! For me, this is the biggest attraction of the party, which marks an important point – blowing out candles, accompanied by the traditional “one hundred years” and cutting the cake into pieces. It is not difficult to find beautifully decorated cakes, but it is worth preparing such a baking yourself. Just a cake (classic is the round) and a proven recipe for a cake – on a soft sponge cake, layered with cream, with the addition of fruit and decorated with various patterns.

And what are your tips and ideas for a successful birthday party? Take off the secret below in the comments!


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